Hi. I'm looking for a rack similar to a spice rack that I can organize my (way too many!) essential oils in. Needs to have a 'lip' on the front of the shelves to keep bottles from toppling off. Does anyone have anything like this they're looking to rehome? Doesn't have to be fancy or new. Thanks so much!
Hello! I am looking for a small working printer. I am a student and keep running into issues not having a printer but needing to print. If you have one you're no longer using, please let me give it a new home! Thank you for your consideration!
I need several clipboards for a field trip this week, and would rather not purchase them if I don t need to. Does anyone have some lying around? Thank you!
Looking for tulle (white) and/or burlap for a decorating project. Any lengths over a yard.
Hi, im looking for a small or middle dog crate for my chiahuahua and a little sweater that might fit him. Any help would be so appericated. Thank you . You can text at 9 seven 0 four one three four two five one if you would like.
Hey I'm not a mechanic but recently discovered how much I enjoy reviving mowers. If you or someone you know have a lawn mower or any small engine equipment I am willing to haul it away and fix it or recycle it properly. Thanks
I need outdoor carpet. Used ok. Any color ok. Scraps ok.
I took my parents' records to be appraised and they have no value. I am now decorating and upcycling them. The old, heavy 78's are great, tho' others also work - 33's as well.
I'd like to try using fresh goat's milk in handmade soap. I'd need about a cup to try a small batch, I think. Willing to PAY for additional goat's milk if it works out well. :) Thanks!
Looking for something to display homemade soaps/candles on - thought a baker's rack or other stand-alone kitchen shelf type item would work. It's fine if it's old, distressed, needs painting or whatever - I'm not choosy! Thanks so much in advance. Best ~
I am looking for a pair of 5Lb and 10Lb weights if you aren't using them. Thanks so much :)
My boys are in middle school and both have homework that needs to be done on a i mac and the other on a laptop i can not afford either one thanks.
I m looking to get experience relacing and restoring baseball gloves. Any condition glove is welcome!!
Need milk crates. Any will be helpful
Needed- metal paint pans, used ones ok.
I'm collecting used gift cards for a project that kids will make in a creator club. Please let me know if you have some you'd like to get rid of. Thanks!
I'm collecting 2-liter bottles for projects that kids will make in a creator club. I need them to have the caps as well. Please let me know if you have some that you'd like to get rid of or if you would be willing to save some aside for me. Thanks!
In working condition
Need moving boxes
Looking for wheelbarrow for planting. Does not need to be pretty or operable. Thank You
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